Do Journey times show both ways?

No journey times and mileage are based on 1 way only. Job is priced as entered 1 way or return.

Why do I as a customer posting a journey have to create an account?

You create an account so emails can be sent to you to let know the bidding status of you posted journey and the best bids without having to login.

What is the refund policy?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

What if the operator doesnt contact me?

Bidabus will see the posted messages and chase up both parties when necessary.

Why has a job disappeared from my operator dashboard?

Reason for this is it has either been booked quickly, retracted by the client or cancelled by Admin.

Why do I get “message” screen after I have accepted?

This is for you to contact the operator/client to further your booking and make payment and pass on more details.