2020 has been a testing year for everybody, so why not see it out with a bang?

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in the UK always promises a night to remember. Or not, depending on how much you drink. You can spend New Year’s Eve 2020 at lively parties, traditional celebrations or you can get away from it all with a whole host of rural beauty spots.

Whatever night you are seeking, take a look at our pick of 5 of the best UK New Year’s Eve locations for 2020.


Where better to begin on UK New Year’s Eve recommendations than the bustling capital? London’s eccentric firework display is undeniably one of the most iconic sights on New Year’s Eve in the UK.

Each year celebrates a different aspect of London and the UK, making this ceremony even more special. Past themes have included the London Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and 100 years since women won the right to vote.

As well as the ever-impressive display that you can experience at London’s heart, the city is also known for its vibrant parties held in all manner of swanky bars, clubs and other unique venues running a fair few hours into the New Year. Whether you need a ride into the city at the start of the night, or require multiple lifts as you go from party to party, trust Bid a Bus to provide you with a high-quality, low-cost service.


Despite having a different name in Scotland, New Year’s Eve, or Hogmanay, is just as popular, if not more. And much like in England, there is no better place to get a flavour of New Year in Scotland than a night in its capital.

Hogmanay is a much more traditional occasion than the non-stop drinkathon that most Brits may be used to – and it’s certainly worth taking a trip to see. You may witness the giving of good luck gifts between friends and family, the consuming of traditional food and drink and the passionate singing of “Auld Lang Syne” to name a few customaries.

Of course, it’s not an Edinburgh celebration without plenty of beer, whisky and live music accompanied by singing and dancing – all of which, and more, can be experienced in its plethora of stylish bars and rustic pubs. If you’re interested in our unique and efficient service to help you get to the party in style, discover more about how Bid a Bus works.


If you’re looking for a typical UK New Year’s Eve knees-up, then Manchester is the place to be.

In this historic and cultural city, you can expect to see lively pubs and classy bars packed with friends and family solely focused on bringing in the New Year in style. Those looking for a more sober, yet equally entertaining night, head to Manchester Cathedral at around 11 o’clock for an extravagant firework display.

Manchester boasts a range of differing drinking areas to cater to every taste, from the animated Picadilly to the quirkier Deansgate. Make the most of our choice of vehicles for hire to take you from A to B at a reasonable price.


Make the journey to Allendale in Northumberland and discover one of the most unique places to celebrate New Year in the UK.

Allendale refers to its quirky version of New Year’s Eve as ‘The Tar Bar’l’, and is famed for its fascinating fire festival on show throughout the evening. The tradition sees 45 men, who must have been born in the Allen Valleys, dressed in colourful clothing and carrying whisky barrels filled with burning hot tar as they walk through the town surrounded by a lively atmosphere of music and dancing.

Upon midnight, the flaming barrels are used to light the town’s ceremonial bonfire, with which you will hear cries of “Be damned to he who throws last!”. New Year’s Eve in Allendale is sure to offer up an experience like no other.

St Ives

Those that are searching for an eccentric night of celebration and community spirit for New Year’s Eve in the UK should strongly consider heading to St Ives.

One of Cornwall’s most beautiful coastal spots plays host to animated street parties, dazzling fireworks and a remarkable parade of people wearing outstanding fancy dress – the perfect way to end the year. Many people choose to take in the New Year’s charm of St Ives by embarking on a good old-fashioned pub crawl – this is strongly recommended by many!

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